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Mike McCaw

The Amphora Society

Professional Distilling Equipment, Books, and Consulting. 

Featuring the expertise of the world's finest distillers, Amphora Society is the online source for information and equipment for alcohol distillation. Our selection of is perfect for small-scale distillers who seek quality and durability to produce the finest spirits. Home of the world's first compact still, our innovations are renowned in the world of distillation. 

With many published books on distillation, you can find a wealth of knowledge to improve your distilling operations in our online selection. 

Our alcohol distilling equipment includes the essentials every distiller needs as well as our most innovative supplies that you can find only right here.

Dedicated To Providing The Finest Professinal Distilling Equipment & Information">

Amphora Society was formed 18 years ago by two close friends that had a vision to share their years of alcohol distillation experience with the world. Combining talents from two continents; Mike Nixon from New Zealand and Mike Mcaw from the USA, set out to write and publish their first book The Compleat Distiller. The published document quickly became a favorite amongst both home and small-scale distillation owners. Shortly after Amphora Society set out to publish Making Pure Corn Whiskey by Ian Smiley, Designing & Building Automatic Stills by a scandinavian author, Riku, and most recently Cordial Waters by Wal Paviuchuk, a detailed history of distilled spirits, containing 260 recipes from all around the world. Amphora Society's newest publication is Making Fine Spirits (using simple, easy-to-build alcohol distillation supplies), by Zymurgy Bob.

The World's First Compact Still

After applying the principles found in the The Compleat Distiller, the two Mikes designed the world's first compact still capable of performing the highest quality distillations. The Amphora Society's laboratory scale Professional Distillation Apparatus, or PDA-1 as it is now known, is widely regarded as the best equipment in it's size range available at any price. After completing the PDA-1, Amphora Society released it's micro-distillery scale PDA-2 high power distiller. The PDA-2 has proven to be an asset to the distilling world and was immediately adopted by award winning and successful commercial distilleries. Several of these micro-distilleries have won gold medals for their spirits made in the PDA-2.

Our Alcohol Distillation Store

Amphora Society set out and created our online store to offer the finest alcohol distillation books, supplies and consulting to our valued customers in an effort to spread our knowledge and experience with the aspiring or experienced distillers of the world. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our inventory or services at [email protected] or at 206-527-5520 (we're not afraid to talk on the phone!).


The Amphora Society has gone to great lengths to ensure that we are offering the lowest cost options for our distillery equipment and books.

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