PDA-2 High Power Micro-Distillery System

PDA-2 High Power Distiller

The PDA-1's larger sibling, the small commercial scale PDA-2 high power micro-distillery system has been adopted by many commercial distilleries around the world as their primary distillation equipment. Capable of the same quality levels at the PDA-1, but at power levels from 5 to 8 kW, the PDA-2 is far less expensive than other commercially available equipment of similar or even lower production capacity. Designed to be used in modular fashion, several units may be connected to a single large boiler to allow rapid, economical expansion of production speed and capacity. The PDA-2 is the most cost-effective micro-distillery equipment available today, designed for efficiency, ease of use and controllability. Another significant advantage is its versatility, because the same columns can be used to produce either pure vodka or flavored spirits, simply by adjusting the controls.

Complete Micro-Distillery Packages Available

The PDA-2 is usually supplied as part of a complete micro-distillery package.            Several "standard" packages exist, ranging in price from $20,000 up to $50,000, with production capacities ranging from 100 to 400 bottles per day.  This is about a tenth the price of "big name" stills of similar capacity, and they can be easily customized with a wide range of options for ease of use, range of products to be made and additional functionality. The PDA-2 is a key part of a modular micro-distillery system that allows growth to be planned and controlled, and minimizes the capital outlay required to start up. We have built larger, single-purpose stills for customers, but in almost every case, the modular approach provides the same capacity at lower cost. The modular concept also delivers maintenance benefits, in that individual columns can be removed for servicing, cleaning, etc. without interrupting production.

Manufactered For Order - Request A Quote

A PDA-2 based system is an extremely sensible and economical investment for a small commercial distillery, and due to the modular design, production increases may be made easily and inexpensively. Since each PDA-2 column or system based upon the column is manufactured for order, please contact us to discuss the capabilities of these systems, and how they may fit into your plans. We recommend reviewing and completing our micro-distillery "Get A Quote" questionnaire to ensure that we have all of the information needed to prepare you a customized quote.

Complete Pilot Scale Distillery

We can provide a complete, inexpensive pilot-scale distillery, with everything you need to get started with recipe development immediately.  This still also qualifies you to obtain your Federal Operating Permit, so you can avoid the capital expense of a production scale still until after you are sure you will receive your license.  Email us or use the get a quote form to discuss the options and spares you might need, and to get a quote.

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