Shipping rates, and especially INTERNATIONAL shipping rates increase substantially in January, 2016. The biggest change is that international flat rate shipping is no longer an option.

For domestic shipments, flat rate shipping is usually the best option. You can choose between flat rate shipping, priority mail, express mail and UPS shipping. Please note that some items cannot be shipped by flat rate methods due to their size or weight (for example, column extensions).

For international shipments, you can choose between First Class Mail (for orders under four pounds shipping weight), Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express and UPS international options. Be aware that if you choose UPS, they will send you a separate bill for customs brokerage.

NOTE The officially quoted time for Priority Mail International delivery is 7-10 days, but our experience has been that 10-20 days is more realistic. Global Express Mail, with faster delivery, enhanced tracking and expedited customs clearance, is available if speed is important. We strongly recommend it for high value items.

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