PDA-2 References:
Several award-winning distilleries use the PDA-2, and a few have graciously allowed us to share their names. 
Touch Vodka in Tampa, FL.  Here's a review of their product: http://www.spiritsreview.com/reviews-vodka-touch.htm
New Deal Distillery in Portland, OR.  Here's a review of one of their products: http://www.spiritsreview.com/reviews-vodka-hot-monkey.htm
Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, WI.  Here's a review of their vodka: http://www.spiritsreview.com/reviews-vodka-rehorst.html
We receive many unsolicited letters about our products.  Here are excerpts from some of them:
The Compleat Distiller:
"I read your book.  Excellent work!  As a teacher of Chemistry I must admit that this book is truly a teaching book of the highest caliber.  It is a proud member of my library!"  MC
The PDA-1:
I just got my Amphora Society PDA-1 column today. I had a wash waiting for it and Holey Moley, you will never guess what it is all about.
Crisp design and beautiful execution of a top quality product. The results are awesome. I am impressed and very happy with my investment. I know I will not have to agonize anymore about the design and efficiencies of the 'stuff' I have been building. I now have the best.
I've been designing and building stills for about 2 years now. I just love the challenge when someone tells me "It can't be done." Ahhhh, You guys DID it...
All I can say is WOW.. AND - Thank You Mike M & Mike N.... "   PJ
"After many months of waiting, I was finally able to piece together a decent boiler and run a neutral spirit run with the PDA.
I must admit, at first I was rather skeptical, but once I started collecting,  WOW, what a difference!
The spirit I obtained was so much cleaner and so much purer than anything I ever obtained with the last still I bought (which was stainless and professionally made).
I hadn't thought it was possible, but you guys know EXACTLY what you are doing, and provide an excellent still that produces an excellent product. 
This thing is worth every penny I paid for it."    Andy
"I ran the first neutral spirit run this past weekend with the PDA-1 and extension.  What a pleasure it was to work with such a fine piece of equipment.  It was so much easier than anything I have used before.  Also the quality of the product was outstanding.  I think my activated carbon will not be needed much anymore."   Helmut 

You can add this thumbs up review to your pda-1 to the many received. I’ve run it every available weekend since purchase in July. It’s a simple to use, no nonsense, still.

I do two strip runs, combine, add feints from the previous runs, run as a second distil with cuts and then a final third distil with cuts.  In both second and third distillations I let the column reach equilibrium for at least an hour before opening the tap to draw off the heads. Heads and tails go back to feints for future recycling. Basically following the instructions you included with the still. The neutral spirit quality is perfect.  My 30 litre washes are 300 grams Weetbix breakfast cereal (a cereal commonly sold in Australia), juice from several home grown lemons and 6 kg sugar. This can yield a tasteless clean neutral on a slower flow output or if some flavour is desired then wheat flavours will come through if the flow output is greater. I can see the potential in its use to rum and whisky making!

Awesome still. Everyone who has tried the spirit it puts out has been thoroughly impressed at how smooth and clean it is, even when consumed at high proof. I’ve made a few liqueurs and flavoured spirits from the neutral and the results are exceptional – better than what I can buy. I sat 8 litres of this A-grade drinking strength neutral on Quercus robur chip and then on carbon to clear the wood chip colour so it is again as colourless as water. The combined quality of the spirit and the input of the chip has given it a dimension that beats Grey Goose, Chopin and Belvedere, at less than a dollar a bottle!

Best value purchase of the year!




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